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New Appointment System Posted or Updated on 4 Jun 2024

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An easier way to contact your GP is coming – 17th June 2024

What is it?

Everyone contacting the surgery will need to provide the same information on the reason for contacting the surgery and this will be triaged before an appointment is made.


How does it work?

A doctor will look at the information provided and make a decision about how best to address the situation.


Why are we changing?

We want a fairer system for everyone and to improve access to our services. It will give you more flexibility and choice.


What is the new system called?

We will be using a system called AccuRx total Triage.


How is information passed to the DR?

By completing a form via, this link will be sent to your mobile, available on our website of via the NHS app. Our reception team can also help patients who are unable to complete a online link.


How will this benefit me?

Every patient query will be looked at by a GP. It will be much quicker and easier to complete the online form than calling us.


What if I can’t use an online link?

You can still telephone us or visit the surgery and one of our receptionists will complete the online form for you.