Safeguarding Adults

Are you Safe?

Does anyone...

A person hitting another person

Bully you or hit you?

A woman saying don't touch with another person trying to touch their arm

Touch your body in places where you don't want them to?

Two hands holding a bag of money one with a cross over the top

Steal money from you?

A person looking through a crack in their door, it has a chain lock

Lock you in your room?

Medicines with an X across the image

Stop you from having the medicine your Doctor says you should have?

What Is Child Abuse?

All children have the right to be looked after properly, kept safe and protected from harm.

Child abuse is the ill treatment or neglect of a child by an adult or young person resulting in the child suffering significant harm. Abuse of a child can be sexual, physical, emotional or neglect. Child abuse and neglect occurs to children of both sexes, of all ages, and in all cultures and social classes.

Things can go wrong for all sorts of reasons in any kind of family at any time, which sometimes means that children suffer as a result

Don't assume someone else will be doing something about it.

Children can not always ask for help themselves.

Do not delay reporting your concerns.

Whom should I contact?

Click on the link for information how to contact them

Do I have to give my name?

If you give your name it will be treated confidentially. The most important thing is to tell Doncaster Council or the Police about the children you are worried about. We take all calls about child abuse seriously whether you give your name or not.

Then tell us about it;

Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council



Support available to victims of domestic violence

Information on support is available here


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