Telephone Appointments

Telephone First Consultation
You may have noticed the appointment system we offer has changed. This appointment mode has been adapted to fit with our patient demand, appointment availability and new clinical roles within the practice.
Why does this mode work?
☎️Telephone appointments provide flexibility especially to those at work (less time off work), housebound or those who need to arrange childcare to attend the surgery.
☎️By doing telephone appointment first we can dedicate the entire appointment to listening and taking a history rather than taking history, examining and organising tests all in one appointment so overall providing a better and safer model.
☎️Experienced Clinicians are able to solve the majority of problems without the need for a face to face,and for those that we cant manage over the phone we can arrange tests or investigations before the face to face appointment which is more efficient.
☎️Fewer appointments are wasted/forgotten as patients can still answer a phone.
☎️Our technology has improved which means we can now receive pictures and organise video calls if needed which was not available previously.
☎️ Less vehicle travel to the surgery is needed. Reducing carbon emissions
Triage Calls
The practice offers Triage calls for acute illness on the day. You will be triaged by a Doctor. Receptionist will ask appropriate calls to ensure that your request is appropriate. The GP will discuss the problem over the phone and will offer a appointment if nessesary.



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