Use Of Patient Information

The practice keeps data on you relating to who you are, where you live, what you do, your family, possibly your friends, your employers, your habits, your problems and diagnoses, the reasons you seek help, your appointments, where you are seen and when you are seen, who by, referrals to specialists and other healthcare providers, tests carried out here and in other places, investigations and scans, treatments and outcomes, treatment history, observations and opinions of other healthcare workers.

When registering for NHS care, all patients are registered on a national database, held by NHS Digital.

Your data may be shared with others within the practice, and with outside organisations if your health needs require care from other services.

Your consent to this sharing of data, within the practice and with those others outside the practice is assumed and is allowed by Law.

Our Fair Process Notices can be found here:

General Privacy notice

privacy Notice national screening programmes

Privacy notices - emergencies

Privacy Notice - NHS Digital

Privacy Notice - public health

Privacy notice - safeguarding

Privacy notice - payments

Privacy notice -research

Privacy notice - risk stratification

Privacy notice - employees

Privacy notice - routine care and referrals

Privacy notice - direct care

Privacy Notice for telephone call recording

Privacy Notice Summary care Record

DPIA Biobank

Redcentric patient partner dpia (1).docx

COVID19 Privacy Notice

Covid clinical risk assessment tool privacy notice

NHS Digital General Practice Data for Planning and Research

Privacy notice CQC

An information leaflet can be found here: How we use your information patient leaflet (PDF, 291KB)

Information on how your information is being shared with the integrated Doncaster Care Record can be found here:

Leaflets are also available from reception

If you disagree to the sharing of your data for any purpose, please let us know


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